Our App features make us unique

Features that are trending across the board. We build bespoke software & Apps that have extensive new properties.

Qik offers dynamic features to users via latest Apps

We’re here with our new company-specific software that has the unlimited scalable features & properties.

Now enjoy dynamic features

Explore our unique App features that help any business have an edge. Our power-packed software has properties that impact market-dynamics.

Our Software features & properties stand-out

Keeping in mind the needs of our clients, we’ve developed future-ready business software that has an array of features.

Mobile and screen responsive company Apps

CRM based software & Android Apps

Cloud compatible business delivery software

Encrypted data storage solutions in Cloud

New Data-Based App Features

Turn your marketing spend into foot traffic with data-driven media planning, activation, and measurement built.

Lightening fast

Mobile responsive

Security apparatus

Custom designed

App features speak for itself

Our incredible software & App features stand-out. We make them unique in properties. Thus, catering to all.

Sözleşme Otomasyonu

Tekrarlanan işlemlerinizi otomatikleştirin

Sözleşme Oluşturma

Güncel şablonlardan sözleşmelerinizi oluşturun

Sözleşme Düzenleme

Ekibinizle, müşterilerinizle veya tedarikçilerinizle ortak çalışın

Sözleşme Veri Kütüphanesi

Madde, adres, ünvan gibi verileri tek bir yere kaydedin, istediğinizde kullanın

Onaylama & İmzalama

Sözleşmelerinizde onaylar alın ve istediğiniz uygulamayla elektronik imzalayın.


Sık kullandığınız Excel, Sheets, Drive gibi uygulamalarınıza entegre edin

Service features that create a niche in market

Get along with our premium software that boasts of extensive features. We provide online systems & tools that have unique properties. Our interface-rich Apps are perfect for users.

New mobile Apps with apt features

Our CRM, payroll, billing, POS & SEO software come ready with dynamic features and new properties.

Company certified new software

Our industry certified business software & Apps are a perfect example of our professional approach.

Compatible with popular WP plugins

Our interface-rich Qik software WordPress theme is now compatible with all popular WP plugins across the board.


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Slider Revolution


WP Rocket

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Adobe Fonts

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